Business process automation platform for financial industry.

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Next generation of Business Process Outsourcing

We create digital platforms and ecosystems that fuse with your workforces to reach operational excellence.

Capitalisazion on years acting as consultant

We've studied carefully financial indutry business processes with massive improvement potential. And we address their weaknesses with the appropriate approach.

Combination of cutting edge technologies

We make use of Robotic Process Automation, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to provide you the most accurate outcome from the execution of your processes.

Modular, flexible and agile platform

We provide a set of automated processes. Each of those can match with your individual needs in term of business process automation.

Our platform is an ecosystem of automated processes.

These ones are designed to serve various business lines. They are robots and they work closely with your operation teams. Our first robot is MungoCDD.

  • Is MungoCDD fit for your business?

    Does your company make business third parties regardless their location?

    Is your company concerned by regulatory requirements (KYC, AML, CTF)?

    MungoCDD can help you on KYC monitoring of third parties by collecting in real time, as soon as they are publically available, the changes in their lifecycle that can impact your business relationship.

  • How it works?

    MungoCDD is a cloud based solution.

    Share with MungoCDD the identification signaletic data of the third parties to be monitored.

    MungoCDD will continuously check for available notices related to your third parties and screen them against restrictions/sanctions lists.

    Evidences/Documents accompagning notices will be analysed, thanks to our brand new Artificial Intelligence shipped with MungoCDD.

  • Interaction with human

    The outcome of the processes of collecting, analysing and enriching (e.g. AML Hits) data is notified to end users on an intuitive and modern dashboard.

    The end user can therefore take better decisions based on these analytics.

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We are digital natives

We aim to provide the appropriate technology to operational teams. As we strongly believe that they know how to operate your business, supporting them with the good tools will make them achieve great goals.

Our value proposition is automated business process as a service in such a way that your operation teams focus on your core business, become more client-centric and generate substantial revenue.

We intend to be your privilege partner in assisting you in your operation excellence program.

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responsive devices

Automating your operationnal processes keeps you focus on your core business

Quicker turn around times · Improved risk protection · Better decision

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Founding Team

Arnaud Poutieu

With almost ten years of professional experience, Arnaud hold a Master degree in Information Technologies applied to Capital Markets. Passionated by Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Thierry Ndedi
Thierry NDEDI

Holder of degree in Computer sciences,specialized in UI layers. With more than six years of experience as web and mobile developer, Thierry brings in his skills of building exceptional user experience.

Our Mentor

Michel Kabanga Kayembe

Fund Service Practices, Private Banking business, Consultancy and Client servicing are the topics Michel masters. Wise strategist and business oriented, he brings in fuel to understand market needs and to structure the company.

Yannick Huchard
Yannick Huchard

Enterprise/IT Architecture, Books, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, and A.I. are the main area where Yannick have strong knowledges. Visionary Entrepreneur and Digital Wizard Founder, he supported us on shapping the strategy of our startup.

  • Marshall McLuhan

    "We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us"

    Marshall McLuhan, Media Theorist.

  • The Economist

    "The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data."

    The Economist, US Newspaper.

  • John Naisbitt

    "We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge."

    John Naisbitt, Author and Public speaker

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